The Grain Store

Thursday, July 31, 2014

517 Flinders Lane 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

This is another late post but I've been busy! Over the holidays when I went to catch up with my Vietnamese School friends, we decided to go to the Grain Store. There was much hype over this place both through friends and on Urbanspoon so I had to check it out. It has a nice vibe to it - a lot of hardwood in the restaurant and a very simplistic design. It reminds me of those modern urban designed houses in Magazines. I ordered Gnocchi from the Lunch Menu but I could have ordered from the Breakfast Menu too. Usually I refrain myself from ordering Gnocchi out because it's hard to get it right but this place was one of the few places that got the texture right! It melts in your mouth! I would definitely go back here to have it. P.S. sorry the pictures are blurry!


A Whole Table Photo!

Price: $15 - $25
Rating: 5/5

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